Christ in his Righteousness

Christ in his Righteousness in Salgueiro, Brazil

They just consume it and they become spiritually obese in South America Brazil Salgueiro

God will leverage our time and sync up our priorities in South America Brazil Salgueiro

Because if we don’t know God, we don’t really know ourselves in Brazil, Salgueiro. And then we hide God from others. And then on top of that, the enemy hides us from the way we’re really living. In other words, a lot of people think they’re wearing God, they’re clothed in Christ. But in reality, we’re not wearing Christ the way God wants us to wear him. Because the guy who made this suit for me, Habib Ocean, from Silhouette Fashions, he has an intent, a design, a plan for the people he makes clothes for. And if I wear them that way, the garment will go great. If I don’t, it’s going to be… it’s not a pretty sight.

Last time we learned that Jesus did something amazing for us. Jesus lived a sinless life, a 100% righteous life. He died a sacrificial death and rose again. It’s something that no one here deserves. On the cross, the great exchange took place. We can take our sin-stained garment, our garment stitched with sin, ripped with rebellion, and we can put it on the cross. Jesus gives us his garment, his righteousness, his love, his perfection. And we either get dressed; we either cloth ourselves in Christ, or not. We either put on his threads or not. We either make this incredible fashion statement by faith or not. We have a freedom of choice. We either choose Jesus or not in Brazil, Salgueiro.

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